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29th November, 2007. 4:33 pm.

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14th July, 2007. 4:01 am.

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Current mood: disgusted.

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30th May, 2007. 2:44 pm.

Deux roses sont partie, il en reste seulement huit. Si j'ai un seul autre rêve à propos de cet homme, je vais me mettre à crier.

Ash chéri, ta tête sera mienne.

(ooc: Translation for the non-speakers -
Two roses are gone, eight to go. If I have anymore dreams about that man, I am going to scream.
Ash dear, your head shall be mine.

Also, a little note for the masses. I will be doing same thing to this journal as I have with a couple of my other characters in other places: adding cosplay pictures to the scrapbook. Some of them will be my own, the rest will be of others found around the internet. Why? For fun, profit and expansion of the fandoms.)

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29th April, 2007. 8:51 pm. Private, non-encrypted

How entirely strange.. this sphere holds memories of such a nice time, but I don't remember a single moment of it.. did it really all happen? I know I was very sick in the last year, but did it truly affect my mind that badly?

ooc: LJ is sucking and not letting me put in lj cuts. :/

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